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Forex Trading Masterclass Live Course is very profitable for you and it will be best business for you if you know how to Trade in the forex market.

More Details forex trading course with Mukesh Kumar. Myself Mukesh Kumar from India and From past 12 years i am doing Forex Trading as my full time business, I have 12 years of experience in Forex trading and also i have trained many students by giving them online and offline classes. forex trading course

More Details

This class is very profitable for course you and it will be best forex business for you if you know how to Trade in the forex market. Learn forex trading master class live with mukesh kumar now.

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What You’ll Learn

  • What is Forex
  • What is spread commission
  • What is pip
  • What is leverage
  • What is TP
  • What is SL
  • What is candle in Forex
  • What is bears candle
  • What is bulls candle
  • Market trends and its type
  • Important time frame to trade Forex(D1,H4,H1,M15,M5)
  • Important time frame to watch and analyse Trend
  • What is trend line and how to draw trendline
  • what is horizontal line and how to draw horizontal line
  • What is support and Resistance in market
  • How to find support and Resistance
  • How to place trade and how to set TP and SL
  • What is chart pattern
  • Important currency pair to trade
  • Different types of candlesticks
  • Difference between higher and lower time frame
  • What is breakouts and retest in forex
  • What is Reversal and continuation
  • What is zone in Forex Market
  • How to Find strong Zone and clear zone
  • What is risk reward in forex and how to set it
  • Fundamental analysis
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